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Theatre Tweets

The use of cell phones and social media is normally discouraged during a live play, but the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre has begun using Twitter to its advantage during select performances....

The Best Care in the Air

As a long-time Midwest Airlines customer, it was very very mixed feelings that I watched yesterday’s press conference announcing that the Midwest name is going away (to be assimilated into the Frontier Airlines brand). The reality is that Midwest brand didn’t disappear with yesterday’s press conference ... it’s been gone (with the exception of the chocolate chip cookies) for many years.

Marketing your blockbuster product or service

Marketing lessons from the 2009 Star Trek movie.

Star Trek 2009 Movie Poster

Miller just needs a second during the Super Bowl

(This article originally appeared on the Creatonomy Blog.) Miler-Coors announced today that it has purchased time and will run a 1‑second ad during Super Bowl XLIII on February 1. Yes,...

Miller 1-second Super Bowl ad

Another omen for newspapers

Google announced today that it is ending it’s Print Ads program which packaged and sold advertising space in over 800 U.S. newspapers. Apparently the program, which started in 2006, hasn’t...