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Astronomy and Space Exploration

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Articles about astronomy and space exploration.

Stargazing for March 2013

The March 2013 guide to what’s happening in the night sky and what’s new in space exploration.

Year of the Comets

Thus far, the 21st century has been an underwhelming one for comets. The few comets that have been visible on Earth were dimmer than predicted, or not even visible to...

Asteroid 2012 D14 and the Russian meteor — a connection?

The Russian meteor that slammed into Earth’s atmosphere on Friday (injuring over 1,000 people) hit just hours before larger Asteroid 2012 D14 made its closest approach to Earth. Asteroid experts...

“Pay no attention to that fast‐moving asteroid...”

One of my Astrobiology instructors (Eric M. Wilcots) began class this past Monday with a slide labeled “Pay no attention to that fast‐moving asteroid...“1 Prof. Wilcots was talking about Asteroid...

Extreme Life

As part of the Astrobiology course I’m taking, we looked recently at some of the extreme environments on Earth1 where living things can be found (and in many cases, in...