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Where is underground Milwaukee?

What strange and fascinating things are hidden below the streets of Milwaukee?

Historic Milwaukee

Natalie Ryan a fun dash through space-time

The new play “Natalie Ryan and the Rogue Traveler” (NR2) at Bay View’s Alchemist Theater1 delivers a fun science fiction romp that outshines many of today’s bigger budget stage, film...

Natalie and Jamie prepare to kick some alien butt.

The Milwaukee airship sightings of 1897

In 1896 and 1897, before the first successful dirigible flight had even occurred,1 people across the U.S. reported seeing mysterious “airships” flying over major cities and rural communities alike. While...

The ghosts of Milwaukee’s Third Ward

Last evening, I finally1 took Milwaukee Ghost’s Third Ward Walking Tour. It was an entertaining, intriguing and educational 90 minutes. The tour currently includes 15 stops and covers such historical...

Steampunk Milwaukee style

This article originally appeared on An event that looks to be the social affair of the year (1872 that is)1 will take place on Thursday, August 20 when the...