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Two new blogs of note

During the past week, a couple of promising new blogs were launched by some prominent Milwaukeans.

Meg McKenna, co-founder of the successful, has started City on the Lake. McKenna has been a resident of both Chicagoland (she grew up in the Chicago suburbs) and Greater Milwaukee, and her new blog covers regional interests that involve both cities, as well as the cities’ complmentary culture and play.

Also this week, Koss Corporation CEO Michael J. Koss started The Sound of Koss. The blog will tell music lovers about what’s happening at Koss and with Koss Stereophones. Michael Koss has some incredible knowledge of — and experience with — audio technology, which give this blog great potential.

I suspect we’ll be reading some interesting things in both blogs — check them out.

Krishna Beach, Surf’s Up, Let’s Go!

The Krishmatics are online! (Or at least someone has started a MySpace band page for them.) Who are the Krishmatics?

The Krishmatics were one of the best fake Krishna bands to come out of Milwaukee in the early 1980s. Known for such hits as “Krishna Beach” and “My Guru’s Mantra (Used to be Mine),” the group quickly became a favorite in Milwaukee’s punk and Hindi music scenes. …