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Article Index: Personal

Kevin’s personal experiences and/or personal opinions.

Make Valentine’s Day special again

Break the routine this Valentine’s Day . . . and every day.

The Year of Living Awesomely

As birthdays1 are wont to do, I’ve found myself both reflecting on the past year and thinking ahead to what may be next. Caution: This is one of my rare...

Favorite things about 2010

After describing four of the key lessons I learned during 2010, I also want to share some of the amazing things I have had in my life during the past...

What I learned (or re‐learned) during 2010

The past year has been an extremely challenging one for me personally, and — as frequently is the case when working to overcome challenges — filled with valuable learning experiences....

Annual Review: Back to life

Near the end of each of the last several years,1 I’ve conducted a personal “annual review” to assess what I had accomplished during the past year, and to establish my...