iPhones & Apple Store Openings

For a while now, I’ve heard stories about the excitement generated whenever a new Apple Store opens. (Thanks, MacCast!) Free giveaways to the first people in the door, out-of-the-ordinary product demos, and much more. So while there has been an Apple Store in our area for several years, I’e looked forward to the time when Apple would open a second store here so that I could experience firsthand what I keep hearing about from store openings in other parts of the country.

Well, as Apple’s master marketing plan would have it, the second store in our area opened on June 29, the same day that the mega-hyped iPhone went on sale. Since I don’t plan to get an iPhone right away (a topic for another post), the only way I would have been able to attend the Apple Store opening was if I camped out for days in advance among the iPhone enthusiasts. (And unfortunately I’m a year or two past the point of camping out for concert tickets, movie openings, video game players or market-shattering new technology.)

Now I guess I have the opening of the third Apple Store in the Milwaukee area — whenever that may be — to look forward to!

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