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TomorrowSage websiteMy TomorrowSage website currently is on hiatus as I redesign it for use as a storytelling website. As part of that update, blog posts which originally appeared on now have been moved here to Those posts/articles are:

So what’s in store for the TomorrowSage website?

I’ve been absent for far too long from, especially given it is a site so near and dear to where I want go as an author. There are a variety of reasons for this absence, but the main one is the realization that what I want to do with isn’t (and hasn’t been) compatible with the form and functionality of either traditional blog sites or author websites.1

So after burning up an appropriate amount of time and grey matter pondering how I could accomplish my vision for that website, I’ve realized I need to build something from the ground up that will turn into much more of a canvas for conveying knowledge and stories. Or rather, a series of canvases upon which each article or story can be communicated in its own unique way.2

Ultimately what I envision isn’t just a different approach to a website, but a different way tell stories (and ultimately for me, a broader creative experience).

I will do my best to bring about the new as quickly as possible, but given other demands (professional and personal), it is likely to be a matter of months rather than days before everything goes live. And finally, while I don’t intend to provide any new content on until after the reimagining is complete, I do promise to read and respond to any thoughts or comments on the new direction that you’d like to share below.

  1. In fact, until recently the web functionality to accomplish what I envision for didn’t even exist. []
  2. A quick clarification: When I say, “build something from the ground up,” I don’t mean lovingly code every line of every single web page. My intent is to develop a custom, highly-flexible content management system that will allow me to create and communicate in the way I envision. And no, I currently have no desire or intention to sell the resulting tool — it is being designed and built for my unique needs and to meet my creative vision. []

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