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NASA Kepler

Kepler’s biggest discoveries still lie ahead

NASA’s Roger Hunter says Kepler’s biggest discoveries are yet to come.

Stargazing for March 2013

The March 2013 guide to what’s happening in the night sky and what’s new in space exploration.

Stargazing: 2012 Wrap-Up

Welcome to the year-end issue of Stargazing, an ongoing series of guides to what’s happening in the night sky, as well as space exploration news and discoveries. It’s the end...

Artist's depiction of Alpha Centauri system

Earth-sized planet found in Alpha Centauri system

European astronomers announced yesterday the discovery of a planet similar in mass to Earth orbiting Alpha Centauri B. Details of the discovery will appear today in an online paper published...

Wolfram|Alpha for Science Fiction Writers

This article originally appeared on TomorrowSage.com Wolfram|Alpha1 has been available to the general public for seven weeks now, allowing plenty of time to test drive it and uncover its strengths...