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Finding humor in serious illness

Recently the webcomic xkcd has run a number of strips dealing with health and serious illness. For years, xkcd has applied it’s unique (often sarcastic) humor to science, math, and...

Where’s my new body?

Many people with chronic illness seem over time to develop a love/hate relationship with their body. They understand the tiniest nuances of how it reacts to specific medications, to different foods, to various environmental factors. But ultimately if you suffer from an incurable, physically compromising illness, there end up being times when you just want to dump your entire body and start over with a healthy new one. Which of course is impossible.

Or is it?

Krishna Beach, Surf’s Up, Let’s Go!

The Krishmatics are online! (Or at least someone has started a MySpace band page for them.) Who are the Krishmatics? The Krishmatics were one of the best fake Krishna bands...