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Aurora over the Midwest

What’s ahead in 2014 for astronomy and space exploration?

What can we expect in astronomy and space exploration during the next 12 months?

Stargazing for March 2013

The March 2013 guide to what’s happening in the night sky and what’s new in space exploration.

Stargazing: 2012 Wrap-Up

Welcome to the year-end issue of Stargazing, an ongoing series of guides to what’s happening in the night sky, as well as space exploration news and discoveries. It’s the end...

A busy year for NASA spacecraft

Despite the fact that the Space Shuttle program will end permanently during the coming months,1 NASA still has a busy schedule in 2011. This year will see the launch of...

Is NASA really preparing to announce the discovery of life on Mars?

A number of small items from NASA’s public relations efforts have caught my attention in the last several days, and — like pieces of a puzzle — I’m beginning to...