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WordCamp MKE 2016

WordCamp Milwaukee 2016Ex Fabula Executive Director Megan McGee and I presented “Bringing Clients into Every Step of the Website Process” on Sunday, September 18, 2016 at WordCamp Milwaukee.

Our presentation described one approach to building a healthy client/agency relationship as part of the process of getting the new ExFabula.org website off the ground and establishing a cycle of continuous improvement.

Ex Fabula is a nonprofit that strengthens community bonds through the art of storytelling. Ex Fabula migrated its website from Joomla to WordPress in 2014, moved its online ticket sales from a third-party vendor to the Ex Fabula website (with WooCommerce) in 2015, and migrated from a .com to .org domain in 2016.

This talk examined that experience from both client and developer perspectives. After this presentation that is part case study and part philosophy, you’ll want to apply some of lessons learned to enhance your client/agency relationship.

Here is our presentation on Speaker Deck:

(Access the “Bringing Clients into Every Step of the Website Process” presentation directly on Speaker Deck.)


WordCamp MKE 2015

WordCamp MKE 2015I presented “Let Me Tell You a Story: WordPress as a Storytelling Tool” on Sunday, July 26, 2015 at WordCamp Milwaukee.

Online storytelling continues to evolve, with more complex and engaging forms appearing almost daily. What began as long-form online news articles has branched off in diverse directions, from websites that expand the universe of an upcoming Hollywood movie, to a loose fabric of apps and sites that together reinterpret a classic Victorian novel.

This session explored the boom in online storytelling and examined how both developers and users are leveraging WordPress to uniquely support such storytelling. We touched on such WordPress solutions as the Aesop Story Engine plugin and themes such as Storyteller, Longform, Radcliffe and Editor.

The demo website used during the Aesop Story Engine portion of this presentation was: TomorrowSage.com

Here is my presentation on Speaker Deck:

(Access the “WordPress as a Storytelling Tool” presentation directly on Speaker Deck.)


And here is video of the actual presentation at WordCamp Milwaukee:

Let Me Tell You a Story: WordPress as a Storytelling Tool from Kevin A. Barnes on Vimeo.



WordCamp MKE 2014

I presented “WordPress for Nonprofits” on Saturday, July 26, 2014 at WordCamp Milwaukee. WordCamp MKE 2014

WordPress for Nonprofits: Nonprofits of all types and sizes are discovering the power of WordPress. Its cost (as low as free), ease of use and customizable functionality make it a great choice for nonprofit organizations. For everything from nonprofit board management to accepting donations through your website, WordPress has nonprofits covered.

This session examined some of the powerful WordPress themes and plugins designed especially for nonprofits, WordPress hosting options available to nonprofits, and other ways nonprofits can get the most out of WordPress in order to meet their mission and specific needs.

Here is my presentation on Speaker Deck:

(Access the “WordPress for Nonprofits” presentation directly on Speaker Deck.)


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