WordCamp Toronto

WordCamp Toronto 2015

I presented “Let Me Tell You a Story: WordPress as a Storytelling Tool” at WordCamp Toronto on Saturday, October 3, 2015.

Online storytelling continues to evolve, with more complex and engaging forms appearing almost daily. What began as long-form online news articles has branched off in diverse directions, from websites that expand the universe of an upcoming Hollywood movie, to a loose fabric of apps and sites that together reinterpret a classic Victorian novel.

This session explored the boom in online storytelling and examined how both developers and users are leveraging WordPress to uniquely support such storytelling. It touched on such WordPress solutions as the Aesop Story Engine plugin and themes such as Storyteller, Longform, Radcliffe and Editor.

(Note: This is a significantly updated version of my presentation at WordCamp Milwaukee in late July, 2015.)

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